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Compact hardy patio plants

Compact patio plants

If you want a patio with lots of interesting compact plants, then perhaps try this:

Compact patio plants

Most of these have only been planted three or four years ago (see picture at the bottom of the page).

A wire netting fence has been covered by cheap rush screening material and then a few ‘structural plants have been put in to give height (watch out, the first two do get big!):

Then within the flower bed there are a few medium tall plants and herbs:

These are the compact alpine plants that give lots of colour and interest:

Here is a picture just 4 years before the photo above:

The patio before the paving slabs and the plants

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Wide border in clay soil with a small wildlife pond

Deep flower border with pond

Here’s a colourful border in early summer with a small wildlife pond (in the centre of the photo).

The soil had a fair amount of clay in it and things like Thymes would not survive over winter, but as you can see from the list below, there are quite a number of alpines that cope with these conditions.

For a bigger picture see it at our Facebook page.

Deep flower border with pond

Why not have a go at creating a new flower border, or revamp an old one, in a similar style to this one?

So here is the list of the most obvious plants that make up this flower bed.
Firstly the foreground:

Next line back and the middle:

Background plants:

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How to plant a flower border – VIDEO

How to plant a border, marking out the bed

This 2 minute video at the bottom of this page, shows you some tips to planting up a flower bed.

If the area has perennial weeds in it, like couch grass, nettles, thistles, docks. creeping buttercup, etc then the easiest and most effective way is to spray it with a weedkiller like Roundup which is not a really nasty chemical.
If you don’t want to use any chemicals, then every bit of root will have to be picked out while you are digging.

How to plant a border, marking out the bed
How to plant a border

The video covers:

  • Using soil improver (our local Council tip sells it – made from the green waste we throw away) which is much more environment friendly than using peat based ones.
  • Digging the bed.
  • Marking out the area with canes into one metre squares and following a plan.
  • Planting – remembering to separate the roots to enable them to quickly grow into the new soil.
  • Covering with gravel (or ornamental bark).

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How to make your patio lovely – VIDEO

Make your patio into a lovely area

Do you want to spend time enjoying your patio area?
Why not make it a beautiful space?

Here’s a short 49 second video to hopefully inspire you into transforming your patio:

When you’ve finished putting in the plants, it only takes a few months for it to start filling out and to be looking great.

Make your patio into a lovely area
Make your patio into a lovely area

The small plants in the picture and around the patio include:

The lowish spreading plants include:

The herbs include:

Plus any screening plants and climbers.