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Beautiful white trumpets on upright stems in the summer and is excellent in a shady spot.

Very easy plant – ideal for the beginner gardener.

Grown in handy 9 cm pots:

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White Foxglove description:

Lovely white trumpets which often have speckled throats.
The flowers hang down from tall spires in the summer.

A pollinator friendly plant including bees.
A bat friendly plant.

Excellent for wildlife, border or rough area.How easy is it to grow:
A brilliant plant for those areas of your garden that has varying amounts of shade and it is a very easy plant in most soils, including heavy or clay ones. In the first year it just produces leaves and then in the second year it flowers and tends to die, but it does reseed itself and continue on.

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CAUTION toxic if eaten.

Other common names: Fairy Gloves, Lady’s Glove, Fairy Thimbles, Fairy’s Cap, Fairy’s Petticoat, and many more names.

Botanical name: Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora or Digitalis purpurea alba

Newly planted White Foxglove on a north facing wall
Newly planted White Foxglove on a north facing wall

The best position in the garden:

Prefers semi shade but is tolerant of a shady site or a sunny spot.

Sun or semi shade or shade

Is it useful as a ground cover plant?

Yes, spreads by self seeding.

What type of soil:

Any reasonable soil, also tolerates a clay soil, or chalky soil, or acidic soil.

How much moisture:

Normal moisture.

Hardiness and, or, lifespan:

Hardy, tends to be biennial, but generally reseeds itself.

Care and maintenance:

When newly planted always keep it watered until the roots have grown down and it is able to find its own moisture.

Size of plant:

Height 200 cm.
Spread 50 cm.

Planting density – to calculate how many plants are required in a planting scheme:

Allow 4 plants per square metre.

Wildflowers by post for your plant borders and wildlife garden.

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