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Masses of creamy pink flowers on short stems in the spring and early summer.

Picture shows Saxifraga Stansfieldii in early bud and flower.

Grown in handy 9 cm pots:

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Saxifraga Stansfieldii description

A very neat variety with creamy pink flowers in the spring and early summer.

A pollinator friendly plant including bees.

Good for a flower border or patioHow easy is it to grow:
This is good for the front of a border, in containers, an alpine bed, rock garden or patio and is tricky – it needs a soil that does not dry out if in the sun, or it is okay in a drier soil in shade but there must be no Vine Weevil in your garden (see ‘Care and maintenance’ below).

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It is a Mossy Saxifrage type.

Also known as: Saxifraga ‘Stansfieldii’ (rosacea)

Close-up of mature Saxifraga Stansfieldii flowers.
Close-up of mature Saxifraga Stansfieldii flowers.

The best position in the garden:

Sun or partial shade.

Sun or semi shade

Is it useful as a ground cover plant?

Yes, especially good for the front of a shady flower border.

What type of soil:

Any reasonable soil where not too dry.

How much moisture:


Hardiness and, or, lifespan:


Care and maintenance:

When newly planted always keep it watered until the roots have grown down and it is able to find its own moisture.

It is susceptible to Vine Weevil which lay their eggs by the plant and these develop into white, banana shaped grubs that chomp the roots. Biological control is pretty good at controlling it.

Size of plant:

Height 10 cm.
Spread 30 cm.

Planting density – to calculate how many plants are required in a planting scheme:

Allow 10 plants per square metre.

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