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A huge number of pale lilac flowers in the summer, over very fragrant, silver-grey foliage.

Grown in handy 9 cm pots.

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Orange Thyme description

A good, solid display of pale lilac flowers in the summer.

The silver grey foliage makes a nice effect and has an orange fragrance.
It can be used in potpourri.

A pollinator friendly plant including bees.
This is a butterfly friendly plant.
Good for wildlife in general.
A bat friendly plant.

This is suitable for the herb garden, border or patio.How easy is it to grow:
This is good for a herb garden, border or patio but is a little tricky because the soil needs to be well drained with no clay and the plant needs to be trimmed to keep the growth low and bushy.

Botanical name: Thymus ‘Fragrantissimus’ or Thymus citriodorus fragrantissimus


Orange Thyme flowering in May
Orange Thyme in May

Orange Thyme culinary uses:

Use with poultry, fish, salads and fruit salads.

The best position in the garden:

Requires sun.

Requires sun.

Is it useful as a ground cover plant?

Yes, but needs trimming to stop it falling apart.

What type of soil:

Any reasonable, well-drained soil, also tolerates chalky soil.

How much moisture:

Normal, or dryish stony.

Hardiness and, or, lifespan:

Hardy, provided the drainage is good.

Care and maintenance:

When newly planted always keep it watered until the roots have grown down and it is able to find its own moisture.
Can trim back after flowering to remove any untidiness.

Size of plant:

Height 30 cm.
Spread 70 cm.

Planting density – to calculate how many plants are required in a planting scheme:

Allow 2 plant per square metre.

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