Lemon Verbena – Herb plants for sale


Put this in your garden to give a very strong lemon fragrance.

Recommended planting time: May to August.

Grown in handy 9 cm pots.

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Lemon Verbena description

This plant has the most amazing lemon fragrance – so strong and so fresh!
It can be used in potpourri.

It does have small lilac flowers in the summer, but they are not spectacular.

This plant needs a protected area over the winterHow easy is it to grow:
This plant needs to be grown in a protected area, such as a walled patio area, or grow in a pot and put it in a conservatory over the winter time.

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Also known as: Lemon Beebrush


Botanical name: Aloysia citrodora

Lemon Verbena flowering in August
Lemon Verbena flowering in August

Lemon Verbena culinary uses:

Use in fruit drinks, custard, salads, jams and ice cream.

The best position in the garden:

Requires sun.

Requires sun.

What type of soil:

Any reasonable, well-drained soil.

How much moisture:


Hardiness and, or, lifespan:

Not very hardy. Needs a sheltered spot.

Care and maintenance:

When newly planted always keep it watered until the roots have grown down and it is able to find its own moisture.
A light leafy mulch may help to protect the plant through the winter.
It is prone to getting greenfly and whitefly, so cut off badly affected parts.

Size of plant:

Height 80 cm.
Spread 60 cm.

Planting density – to calculate how many plants are required in a planting scheme:

Allow 2 plants per square metre.

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