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Pink, white or mauve coloured bracts on stiff spikes in the summer.

Grown in handy 9 cm pots:

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Clary Sage description:

Pink, white or mauve bracts on vertical spikes in the summer.

The leaves are quite bold and solid and are a silver green colour.

A pollinator friendly plant including bees.
This is a butterfly friendly plant.

This is suitable for the herb garden, border or patio.How easy is it to grow:
This is excellent for a herb garden, border or patio but it is quite difficult to keep it going year after year. It doesn’t like the winter wet and so it requires well drained soil and it also tends to flower itself to death, but there is a slim chance that it will reseed itself and continue on.

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It is also known as Muscatel Sage.

Botanical name: Salvia sclarea.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage culinary uses:

Use in soup, flowers decorate salads or make a tea.

The best position in the garden:

Prefers sun.

Prefers sun.

What type of soil:

Prefers a well drained soil, also tolerates acidic soil and chalky soil.

How much moisture:

Normal moisture.

Hardiness and, or, lifespan:

Can be biennial and is generally short lived, lasting two or so years – but it can self seed and carry on.

Size of plant:

Height 60 cm.
Spread 50 cm.

Planting density – to calculate how many plants are required in a planting scheme:

Allow 4 plants per square metre.

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