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What plants for a dry, stony garden problem?

If you’ve got a patch of dry stony ground, that is as hard as rock and lifeless, you probably think that there isn’t enough moisture there for anything to grow.
The fact is, that where there are no plants the ground will be a lot drier than the soil where there are plants growing.
Yes there are many plants on this website that can cope with dry, stony soil.
The first thing to do is dig over the patch – probably in the early spring, when hopefully, the ground has been softened a little by the winter rains.
But prior to digging, tip over the whole patch some soil improver – our local Council Recycling Centre sells it (made from all that veggie and garden waste that we put in the Wheelie Bins).
This soil improver will increase the organic content of the soil, will increase worm activity, will stop the soil panning down so much and will give a sponge effect to hold onto any water that falls.

What plants for problem dry shade?

Have you ever seen the edges of a wood which contain no plants?
No, there will be a dense carpet of plants.
It is only in a wood where the trees overlap and no sunlight at all can penetrate that there will be no plants.
As soon as there is a gap in the canopy, then you will find plants cropping up.

In this on-line catalogue you will find plants that can survive in dry shade.
The biggest challenge is getting the plants established in their first growing year, which means digging deep at the planting stage, adding a soil improver and then regular watering.
Once their roots have gone down deep, they can be left to grow on their own.

What plants for a problem clay soil?

Many people complain about having a clay soil, but actually it is a very rich soil, generally having lots of nutrients.

The problem with a clay soil is digging it!

Also drainage – it doesn’t let the water pass through it.

If you’ve got a garden in a clay hollow, then the water just cannot run away, so you may have to choose moisture loving plants, or build some raised beds.

But if you’re not in a hollow, then apply a lot of soil conditioner to separate that sticky goo and choose those plants that tolerate clay soil, and guess what, you’ll find plenty of plants here that will do that!

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Plants and flowers by post:

Here at Boundary Nursery, our aim is to only send you good quality plants of the highest quality.
The majority of our plants are offered in two sizes in 9cm pots or the larger 11cm pot.

The reality is that a plant in a 9cm pot is only about a month of growing time behind a plant in a 11cm or a couple of months behind a 2 litre pot.
Our plants will grow away quickly in warm weather and with enough moisture.

An example of our 9cm plants:

Group of nine mail order plants
Group of nine mail order plants
Plant availability:

The plants offered are available throughout the year SUBJECT TO WEATHER CONDITIONS and whilst stocks last.
This is an on-line mail order catalogue which means that it is not a live stock list, and at times there may be a ‘blip’ in the plants availability.
Also some plants can only be offered in limited quantities due to being rare, difficult to propagate, etc.
Whilst others, due to their own requirements, can only be offered at certain times – please see our list for these.
We hope you will enjoy looking through our comprehensive catalogue of plants by post.

The care of your new plants:

Remember that in sunny weather, the plant roots will not be very far down into the soil and will be relying on you to supply it’s water requirements.
But be aware, if the soil remains too wet every day, then that could cause the roots to suffer.