What Herbs In Sauces

Most of the following culinary herbs are available by post through our mail order.

What herbs to put in to sauces:

Italian sauces:

To brighten food flavour add French Parsley or Curled Parsley to give an underlying bitter edge.
For a mild bitter taste with an essential sweetness, try Variegated Oregano, Oregano Hot ‘n’ Spicy or Greek Oregano.
For an aromatic, peppery taste use Sweet Basil.
To give a smooth aniseed flavour add the seeds of Green Fennel (which produces the most seed) or Bronze Fennel.
Sage Icterina, Purple Sage and Green Sage give an earthy pine flavour.

Fish sauces:

Lemon thyme’s give a wonderful citrus flavour, try Thyme Silver Queen, Thyme Bertram Anderson or Golden Lemon Thyme.
For an aniseed minty flavour use French Tarragon or Russian Tarragon.
French Buckler Sorrel provides a tangy, sharp flavour.
Add some complementary bitterness with French Parsley or Curled Parsley.
Chervil has a similar Parsley bitterness with an additional aniseed taste.
For a cucumber flavour add Salad Burnet.
Sweet Basil supplies an aromatic peppery flavour.
Chives add their fine green foliage to a dish, along with their mild onion taste.
Catmint provides a sharp taste with a hint of mint.

Chicken and other poultry sauces:

French Tarragon or Russian Tarragon imparts an aniseed minty flavour.
For a flowery, sweet taste try; Golden Marjoram, Marjoram Gold Tipped or Marjoram Acorn Bank.
Sweet Basil bestows its aromatic peppery flavour.
Lovage gives a celery and parsley taste.

Meat sauces:

For an earthy clove taste use Common Thyme or Broad Leaved Thyme.
Caraway Thyme provides a bitter licorice flavour.
A mild bitter taste with an underlying sweetness try; Variegated Oregano, Oregano Hot ‘n’ Spicy or Greek Oregano.
Golden Marjoram, Marjoram Gold Tipped and Marjoram Acorn Bank give a flowery, sweet taste.
For a perfumed, flowery taste add Lavender Hidcote, Lavender Munstead, Lavender Sawyers or Lavender Devonshire Compact.
Fennel seeds or stalks offer a smooth aniseed flavour.
For a bold peppery taste add Winter Savory or Creeping Savory.
Rosemary gives a lemony pine taste, why not try Rosemary Primley Blue, Pink Rosemary, Creeping Rosemary or common Rosemary.