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What Herbs In Sauces

Most of the following culinary herbs are available by post through our mail order.

What herbs to put in to sauces:

Italian sauces:

To brighten food flavour add French Parsley or Curled Parsley to give an underlying bitter edge.
For a mild bitter taste with an essential sweetness, try Variegated Oregano or Oregano.
For an aromatic, peppery taste use Sweet Basil.
To give a smooth aniseed flavour add the seeds of Green Fennel (which produces the most seed) or Bronze Fennel.
Sage Icterina gives an earthy pine flavour.

Fish sauces:

Lemon thyme’s give a wonderful citrus flavour, try Thyme Silver Queen, or Thyme Anderson’s Gold.
For an aniseed minty flavour use French Tarragon or Russian Tarragon.
French Buckler Sorrel provides a tangy, sharp flavour.
Add some complementary bitterness with French Parsley or Curled Parsley.
Chervil has a similar Parsley bitterness with an additional aniseed taste.
For a cucumber flavour add Salad Burnet.
Sweet Basil supplies an aromatic peppery flavour.
Chives add their fine green foliage to a dish, along with their mild onion taste.
Catmint provides a sharp taste with a hint of mint.

Green Fennel, Golden Lemon Thyme and Winter Savory
Green Fennel, Golden Lemon Thyme and Winter Savory

Chicken and other poultry sauces:

French Tarragon or Russian Tarragon imparts an aniseed minty flavour.
For a flowery, sweet taste try; Golden Marjoram, Marjoram Gold Tipped or Marjoram Acorn Bank.
Sweet Basil bestows its aromatic peppery flavour.
Lovage gives a celery and parsley taste.

Meat sauces:

For an earthy clove taste use Common Thyme or Broad Leaved Thyme.
Caraway Thyme provides a bitter licorice flavour.
A mild bitter taste with an underlying sweetness try; Variegated Oregano, or Oregano.
Golden Marjoram, Marjoram Gold Tipped and Marjoram Acorn Bank give a flowery, sweet taste.
For a perfumed, flowery taste add Lavender Hidcote, Lavender Munstead, or Lavender Little Lady.
Fennel seeds or stalks offer a smooth aniseed flavour.
For a bold peppery taste add Winter Savory or Creeping Savory.
Rosemary gives a lemony pine taste, why not try Rosemary Primley Blue.

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