What Herbs In Salads

What is best, salad dressings or herbs?

Fresh herbs can really brighten up your salads and by varying what you use it will be like you’ve got several completely different meals.
Salad dressings can contain a lot of calories, salt and oil, whereas herbs just give natural wholesome flavours.

Herbs can also be grown near to the kitchen door and provide colourful flowers, foliage and fragrance.
Most of the following culinary herbs are available by post through our mail order.

What herbs can be put into salads?

The more common herbs for salads are:
Chives which also give pink flowers.
Basil is a warmth loving annual.
French Parsley or Curled Parsley make a good leafy clump.
French Buckler Sorrel has unusual shield shaped leaves.
Greek Oregano’s white flowers are great for attracting beneficial insects.
Orange Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Thyme Tabor, Common Thyme, Caraway Thyme and Broad leaf Thyme all give good flowers.
Thyme Silver Queen, Golden Lemon Thyme, Lemon Variegated Thyme and Thyme Bertram Anderson not only have good flowers, but they have lovely colourful foliage as well.
Green Fennel, Bronze Fennel and Sea Fennel provide unusual fine foliage.
Dill has fern-like foliage, but tends to be annual and needs replacing every year, as does Coriander and Chervil.

Anise Hyssop, Sweet Rocket and Marjoram Acorn Bank


Here are some more suggestions for using herbs with your salads:

Anise Hyssop has good, upright purple flowers.
Salad Burnet has unusual small bronze ball-like flowers.
Lemon Verbena has a wonderfully strong lemon fragrance.
Russian Tarragon creates fresh looking upright growth and is extremely hardy.
Sweet Rocket gives a great display of lilac or white flowers.
Pot Marigold is a real stunner with it’s orange flowers.
Lovage gives an unusual fragrance.
Nothing is so fresh tasting as Mint, why not try; Variegated Pineapple Mint, Moroccan Mint, Corsican Mint, Mint Buddleia, Apple Mint, Garden Mint or American Mountain Mint?
Marjoram Gold Tipped, Marjoram Acorn Bank and Golden Marjoram all provide colourful foliage and flowers.
Compact Marjoram has very attractive ruby and cream flowers.
Lavender Pedunculata, Lavender Sawyers, Lavender Munstead, Lavender Hidcote and Lavender Devonshire Compact all give wonderful flowers and great fragrance.
Pink Hyssop and Blue Hyssop make good dark green bushes with attractive flowers.
Golden Feverfew is good for brightening up a dull corner with it’s golden foliage and white flowers.
Curry Dartington and the Curry Plant give silver foliage and yellow flowers.
Clary Sage has bold leaves and unusual upright flowers.
Calamint has blue hazy flowers.
Bergamot has bold flowers.
Sage Icterina and Purple Sage have lovely colourful foliage.
Green Sage has bold foliage and blue flowers.