Potpourri, Stuffing Or Jam

Most of the following culinary herbs are available by post through our mail order.

What herbs to put in Potpourri:

Here are the ‘ingredients’ for Potpourri:

  1. Aromatic leaves, flowers and stems eg; Lemon Balm leaves, Garden Mint, Apple Mint and Variegated Pineapple Mint leaves, Rosemary stems, Green or Bronze Fennel seeds, Bay leaves, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice and Nutmeg.
  2. Pretty dried flowers which are not fully open (Roses, Lavender and other herb flowers). Dry the flowers in a dark, well ventilated place.
  3. Dried flowers that keep their colours eg; Pot Marigold, Green Sage, Tansy (Chrysanthemum haradjanii), Self Heal, Borage, Roman Chamomile, Everlasting flowers, Poppy, etc.
  4. Unusual shapes, pods and seed heads eg; Cardamom pods.
  5. A fixative to keep the scent.

What herbs to use in stuffing:

To provide a lemony flavour try; Orange Thyme, Thyme Silver Queen, Thyme Doone Valley, Thyme Bertram Anderson, Lemon Variegated Thyme, Lemon Thyme and Golden Lemon Thyme.
Caraway Thyme provides a bitter licorice flavour.
Broad Leaved Thyme and Common Thyme give an earthy clove taste.
Purple Sage, Icterina Sage or Green Sage for an earthy pine flavour.
Russian Tarragon, French Tarragon bestows an aniseed minty flavour.
Oregano for a mild bitter taste with an underlying sweetness.
Pot Marjoram gives a flowery, sweet taste.
Lavender Hidcote, Lavender Munstead, Lavender Sawyers or Lavender Devonshire Compact provides a perfumed, flowery taste.
Chives give a mild onion taste.
Curled Parsley or French Parsley for an underlying bitterness.
Lemon Balm and Variegated Lemon Balm supplies a vibrant lemon taste.

What herbs to use in Jam:

Angelica gives a gin-like taste.
Garden Mint for a fresh taste.
Lemon Verbena has a wonderful lemon fragrance.
For a lemony pine taste use; Rosemary Primley Blue, Pink Rosemary, Creeping Rosemary or Rosemary.
Lemon Balm and Lemon Balm Variegated also has a strong lemon fragrance.