Pot Marjoram flowering in August

Herbs For Fish Or Cheese

Most of the following culinary herbs are available by post through our mail order.

What herbs go with fish:

Using herbs with fish tends to be a little more delicate and subtle than adding herbs to meats, so go easy on the amount you add.
Why not try:
Winter Savory or Creeping Savory to add a peppery taste.
French Parsley or Curled Parsley to provide a complementary bitterness.
To give a smooth aniseed flavour add the seeds of Green Fennel or Bronze Fennel.
Rosemary Primley Blue supplies a lemon-pine flavour.
Dill imparts a bitter aniseed flavour.
Orange Thyme and Golden Lemon Thyme give a fresh lemon taste.

Creeping Lemon Thyme, Rosemary and Bronze Fennel
Creeping Lemon Thyme, Rosemary and Bronze Fennel

What herbs go in cheese dishes:

Golden Lemon Thyme for a fresh lemon taste.
Icterina Sage provides an earthy pine flavour.
Rosemary Primley Blue imparts a lemony pine taste.
Pot Marjoram supplies a flowery, sweet taste.
A mild onion flavour is given by Chives.
Add Bush Basil for a French flavour.
Chervil gives a bitter aniseed taste.