Herb information

What is a herb?

Herbs can be used in cooking, and it normally refers to using leafy green parts of a plant – either fresh or dried.
Herbs are also used for medicine and the healing substances are extracted from roots, flowers, fruits, seeds, sap and even bark.
All our herbs are available by post through our mail order and are divided into low growing herbs and taller herbs.

Sometimes we hear of herbs and spices. A ‘spice’ is usually dried seeds, berries, bark, roots or fruits and is generally strong-smelling and sharp tasting and many spices are used as a preservative.
Many herbs are used as spices, but not all.

Fragrant herbs that smell wonderful!

Lots of herbs give off a wonderful scent, because their flowers, leaves and stems are packed with a strong bouquet of aromas.
This effect is enhanced when these plants are put next to a pathway and as you brush past the foliage it releases even more of it’s perfume.
The old favourites are Lemon Balm, Lawn Chamomile, Curry Plant, Purple Sage, Lavender Sawyers, Rosemary, Golden Lemon Thyme and many more.

Here is our range of fragrant plants, which means either flowers and, or foliage.

Culinary herbs for cooking:

Culinary herbs are very popular for planting in your garden, or in pots near the kitchen and then they are handy to quickly put a few fresh herb leaves into your cooking.
The choice is large, so whether you want to go for the tender, or annual, herbs like Basil, Coriander, or Dill, or whether you go for the perennial and hardy herbs like Chives, Fennel, Pot Marjoram, Garden Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon or Thyme, the choice is yours through our mail order herb plants!
And obviously, you are not just confined to these culinary herbs, we have more unusual ones like Anise Hyssop, Calamint, Lovage, Savory and many more.
All herbs are available by post through our mail order.

White flowers of Golden Feverfew, Garden mint leaves and Chives flower

Herbs that have wonderful flowers:

Just because a herb is used in cooking, or is fragrant, that doesn’t mean that it has to be drab!
Many herbs have excellent flowers, like the beautiful blue flowers of Catmint, the majestic Purple Coneflower, the hazy blue Lavender Hidcote, the two tone magenta and creamy pink of Compact Marjoram, the vivid orange Pot Marigold, the creamy yellow spires of Mullein, the bright blue Rosemary Primley Blue, the upright violet or white Sweet Rocket, the multi-coloured Thyme Doone Valley and many more.

More flowering plants:

Obviously, we have many different flowering plants within our on-line plant catalogue, such as our extremely colourful, compact alpines.
Also the long flowering, bold colours from our perennial range need a mention.
And we mustn’t forget the big flower displays from our taller shrubs, admittedly it tends to be a shorter flowering period but the impact is still there!
You probably don’t see ornamental grasses as ‘flowering’ but the seed heads give a lovely airy effect to your garden.
Many wildflowers have lovely flowers and they also attract wildlife.