Alpines and rockery plant info

Don’t be scared of alpines!

Some gardeners are fearful of the word ‘alpine’.
It creates an image of a different breed of gardener – one who is a ‘botanist’, one who has trudged over the alps looking for new, and as yet undiscovered gems. This person then molly coddles these little beauties in a special greenhouse…
But that is not right.

Alpines can be very easy to grow, and are not fussy!

Yes there are alpines that only grow under the protection of an alpine glasshouse, but our alpines have been chosen to be good garden plants and need very little special treatment.

If you look through our list of alpines, you will find many that prefer sunshine, whilst others prefer some shade, or even a lot of shade.
Some need good drainage, whilst many others are perfectly happy in normal soil, and some others can even tolerate clay soil!
Our handy on-line plant resource gives information on each one and lets you know exactly what growing conditions each plant prefers.

Alpines can give all year round colour!

Many alpines give a fantastic burst of colour in the spring, but others flower through the summer, some in the autumn and even a few in the winter.
A number provide foliage colour all the year round, which is especially effective in the bleak winter months.

Blue flowers of Veronica prostrata Trehane, red spotted white flowers of Saxifraga x Canis Dalmatica and yellow flowers of Potentilla verna nana
Blue flowers of Veronica prostrata Trehane, red spotted white flowers of Saxifraga x Canis Dalmatica and yellow flowers of Potentilla verna nana

So what are alpines and rock plants?

Alpine plants are also known as rockery plants, and all are dwarf growing.
That is really the modern day meaning, that they are small and are great for modern, compact gardens!

Some plants may have originated from alpine mountains, but others came from lowland woodlands or pastures.
Some will be small shrubs, others compact perennials, and others short grasses – all can fall into the label of being ‘alpine‘.

Alpines were traditionally classed as:

Plants that grow in the alpine climate, which occurs high up in the mountains above the tree line.
Rock plants must adapt to the harsh conditions of the alpine environment, which include low temperatures, dryness, ultraviolet radiation, and a short growing season.

Alpine mail order plants:

Our alpine mail order plants includes a number of smaller perennials, compact grasses and dwarf shrubs.
We also do an assortment of cooking herbs, remedial herbs and aromatic herbs.
Now, more recently, the mail order range also includes a worthy selection of plant border herbaceous perennials which will help to give more height and different forms to your plant borders and beds.
Also available is a number of woody, multi-stemmed shrubs that will mature into significantly larger plants, which give your garden more of a structure and height
Then we must not forget the delicate and showy ornamental grasses that give movement and a total different shape and texture to our gardens.
And last, but not least is our colourful wildflower range.

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