About Wildflowers

What wildflowers are good for wildlife:

Planting wildflowers in your garden can be rewarding and results in an increase in butterflies, bees, birds and other small predators that seek out garden pests.
It is really satisfying to help nature control the nasty bugs in the garden, the natural way.

Within our wildflowers and plants on-line you will find that there are four sections for wildlife which, when clicked, will present to you all the plants in that group:

Natural wildflower areas have been hit badly:

Prince Charles has spoken of his concerns that 97 per cent of our wildflower areas have been lost since the 1930s. [1]
It is good that there are various organisations that are trying to change that
But if lots of households around the country could each have more wildlife friendly gardens, then that would have a tremendous impact.

The young Wildflower garden on our nursery
The young Wildflower garden on our nursery

How to have a wildlife garden:

So we know that wildflowers can attract a variety of wildlife into your garden, but we may not know, that many look great too!
If you are short on space, you can plant wildflowers among your herbaceous perennials and shrubs in all those gaps.
Just bear in mind their height and spread at maturity – you don’t want them to smother any of your prized plants! Our on-line plant listing gives you all the information you need to know.
The other option is to have a dedicated wild garden area.
Perhaps the best position is away from the busyness of the house.
You can also put in a small wildlife pond that will attract frogs and other pest devouring creatures! If you are thinking of a pond, please bear in mind any risk element with children falling into it.

What are wildflowers?

The term ‘wildflower’ (or wild flower)refers to a plant that naturally grows wild in a particular region without any breeding improvements carried out by humans.
Wildflowers can be found in pastures, woodlands, wetlands, roadside verges, boundary hedging, on hills and mountains and on cliffs and seashores.
Many wildflowers are not true natives, they may have been introduced accidentally, or on purpose, from other areas of the country or even other continents, and they are now naturalized into their environment
Reference: [1] Prince Charles appeal for wildflower meadows