About Shrubs

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Shrubs add form and structure to a garden, creating the backbone of a garden and providing height – but not into the upper realms of the trees!
They can also have colourful leaves, fragrant flowers, different bark textures, berries, and autumn colouring.
Most are easy to grow, are very robust, and are tremendously useful garden plants.

What are shrubs?

A shrub is different from a tree by having multiple stems and a shorter height – usually under 6 m tall. (Oviously many shrubs are a LOT shorter than that!!!)

Shrubs can contain some of the larger herbs (like Curry, Hyssop, Lavender eg Hidcote, Munstead, Sawyer’s, Rosemary’s eg Primley Blue, Sage’s eg Icterina, Savory’s eg Winter Savory and Thyme’s eg Common Thyme).

Shrubs can also include woody alpines (like Helianthemum’s eg Wisley Pink, Cistus obtusifolius, Halimiocistus IngwerseniiHypericum olympicum and Santolina chamaecyparissus Pretty Carol.

The shrub group can also have some woody sub-shrubs from the alpines and herbs (like Convolvulus cneorumCrassula sarcocaulisIberis sempervirens Little GemLeucanthemum hosmariensePenstemon x mexicale Sunburst RubyScutellaria suffrutescens Texas Rose, Lemon Verbena and Zauschneria californica Glasnevin).

Shrubs can be either deciduous (losing its leaves in the winter) or evergreen.

Conifers could be called a shrub, but they tend to form their own plant group.

A bed of cultivated shrubs is known as a shrubbery.