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Here are the available plants in a downloadable pdf format:

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PDF Catalogue by different light levels:

Plants for full-sun
Plants for semi-shade
Plants for shade
Plants for dry shade

PDF Catalogue by different soil types:

Grows in clay soil
Grows in dryish-stoney soil
Grows in acid ericaceous soil
Grows in chalk soil

PDF Catalogue by different flowering times:

Spring flowering plants
Summer flowering plants
Autumn flowering plants
Winter flowering plants

PDF Catalogue by characteristics:

Colourful foliage
Evergreen plants
Fragrant plants
Unusual plants
Plants with special seedheads

PDF Catalogue for certain tasks:

Plants for coastal areas
Plants for pathways
Groundcover 30 to 40cm spread
Groundcover 50cm spread
Rockery plants 5 to 20cm
Rockery plants 25 to 30cm
Low edging hedge plants


PDF Catalogue for wildlife:

Butterfly friendly plants
Bee and pollinator friendly plants
Bat friendly plants
Other wildlife friendly