Do you live locally to Boundary Nursery?

If so, do you want to get a large discount?

All you have to do is:

  • Choose each plant you want and ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Go to the Cart.
  • Choose:  Collect from nursery
  • Type in the COUPON BOX:    collect in trays
  • Click: ‘Apply Coupon’. THIS CANNOT BE USED with any other manually applied coupon.
  • The Cart total should now show that a discount has been applied.
  • Now go ahead and pay for the plants.

I will get back to you and find out when you want to collect your plants from the nursery.

Boundary Nursery
Colne Road, Bluntisham,
Huntingdon, PE28 3LU

Alpine bed at Boundary Nursery
Alpine bed at Boundary Nursery


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