Buy alpines, perennials, herbs and wildflowers

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Buy alpines, rockery plants and compact plants for pots, tubs, raised beds and the smaller garden.
Boundary nursery specialises in alpines, which are also known as rock plants.

Buy herbs from our range which is divided into: herbs shorter than 35cm and those taller than 40cm.
Buy wildflowers from our concise range. buy perennials from our diminutive range.
We also have a few shrubs and ornamental grasses.

We hope you enjoy our selection of plants and we only get satisfaction from offering garden worthy plants (and not just padding out a plant list).
This mail order on-line catalogue will hopefully be a useful gardening resource to many people. There are many solutions to help gardeners solve their problem gardening areas.

If you are local to the nursery you can get a discount for collecting your order.

Here’s a few plants you can buy from our large range of alpines, herbs and perennials:


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